Executive Function Coaching

New York State certified school counselor Marcus Siotkas

Executive Function Coach: Kelsey Berg


Kelsey is a passionate and dedicated Executive Function Coach with over five years of experience helping students develop lifelong thinking and learning skills – cultivating abilities, attitudes, and knowledge to identify and regulate emotions, pursue positive studying practices, and make responsible decisions through personalized lesson plans. She excels at providing an inclusive environment for students of all ages and levels and promotes a growth mindset that allows her students to set and accomplish their academic goals. She has been responsible for organizing and executing hundreds of successful sessions and has assisted thousands of students in achieving their unique learning objectives. Kelsey’s courses help develop and improve essential cognitive and developmental skills, and she specializes in making mastering these critical abilities entertaining and engaging. With interactive lessons that ignite students’ interests, she will teach you to exceed the expectation in all areas of academia; while having fun! Kelsey holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and a Bachelor of Science degree in Cognitive Psychology from Florida State University.
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