College Essays

Sessions Available

For students struggling with where and how to begin their college essays, a five-session package with our essay expert will guide them through all of the necessary steps to identify, draft, and polish unique and personal responses to the Common Application personal statement and well as supplemental essays.


Session One:

Brainstorm ideas and focal points for possible responses. Identify the most appropriate questions to address. Begin drafting the main portions of essays using a series of tailored prompts.


Session Two:

Evaluate drafts or written exercises generated during the previous session. Identify and collate the strongest responses into a complete framework for the final essay. Assess the writing for descriptive and analytical depth.


Session Three:

Begin to hone the draft for contextual, rhetorical, and analytical completeness. Identify where vividness, logic, and/or transitions need to be strengthened. Scan the completed draft for possible alternative connections or conclusions.


Session Four:

Fine-tune exposition and linkages, word-by-word, and line-by-line. Consider word limits, and cut all superfluous information, and making sure all “best fit” information and explanation is thoroughly and appropriately expressed.


Session Five:

Review and polish the final draft. Check one final time to be sure vocabulary and sentence structure has been achieved for maximum effectiveness. Proofread for concision and flawlessness.

* For students who have independently drafted parts of, or all of an essay prior to the first session, a series of 2-3 sessions with our expert should be sufficient to complete and perfect their material for submission.

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