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Personalized Approach

Our personalized approach has consistently increased students’ acceptance rate into some of the top schools in the world. Students who were enrolled in Zoffness College Prep in 2019 showed an average super-scored SAT improvement of 180 points and an average super-scored ACT composite improvement of 7 points!

Average super-scored SAT improvement 2019

in scholarships have been earned

Average super-scored ACT composite improvement 2019

Why Zoffness?


We design our own instructional materials, which emphasize concept development and the most effective test-taking strategies.


We provide a comprehensive online performance analysis database for students to develop their test-taking abilities, and improve their specific areas of weakness.


Our team is composed of inspired, skilled specialists with a proven track record of success.


We design our programs to instill confidence in each and every student, providing the preparation required for exceptional performance.

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