The world of ACT/SAT is dizzying and disorienting…unless you are working with Zoffness College Prep. Not only did Ben and Alex help my daughter raise her ACT score by 7 composite points, but they kept her calm and confident - even joyful - throughout the entire tutoring process. That's a tall order for a high school junior, especially in an academically accelerated town. They are not just a company, they are real people, who care about your kid and have vast, extensive knowledge of these tests and how to do well on them. They are also a tremendous resource for parents who are learning the college testing landscape. I can't recommend Zoffness College Prep highly enough and am actually looking forward to doing this again with both of my younger kids!

Melanie K.  Proud MHS Parent

We’ve had great results with Zoffness Prep classes for SAT & ACT prep for two of our kids. After a long day at school and sports, my daughter said that 'Ben makes the material interesting and the time goes by quickly’. Our son did private tutoring and also felt that the Zoffness College Prep courses were the best way to go! Their scores improved considerably.

Karina F.  Fordham Prep Parent

I want to share my family's experience with Zoffness College Prep and Ben
Zoffness. Both my older kids (one is currently a college senior and the
other is currently an MHS Senior) worked with Ben and took his SAT prep
course. They both improved dramatically in their scores. Ben also helped my
older son with a college search/application prep guidance counselor, which
was a fantastic experience. We needed this due to his HS guidance counselor
leaving in his junior year and feeling very lost and new to the college
process. We have remained friends with the counselor - he was amazing and
related to and connected with my son in such a meaningful way. Ben himself
is the most dedicated, caring and honest professional. He truly is invested
in his students and gets to know them and understands their academic
strengths and weaknesses. He has a team of tutors that reflect his values
and thoroughness and we have loved working with them all. I cannot
recommend Zoffness College Prep more highly.

Beth B.  Proud MHS Parent

Ben Zoffness was instrumental in providing successful strategies for taking the SAT and ACT. Zoffness College Prep taught me alternative ways to solve certain math equations and tips for the writing section – both of which I was able to use during the test to achieve a 36 ACT composite score.

Jackson D.  MHS Junior

Zoffness College Prep is the absolute best there is for ACT and SAT
preparation. Both of my kids worked with Ben. His method of instruction,
professional approach, and affable personality, not only helped both of
them feel more confident and better prepared for the test, but he helped
them raise their scores tremendously! You cannot get better counsel or more
up to date instruction anywhere! I highly recommend Zoffness College Prep!

Amanda A.  Larchmont, NY

Both my son (a college sophomore) and daughter (a high school senior)
utilized Ben Zoffness for tutoring assistance with the math section of the
ACT. Both saw their performance over multiple practice tests improve as Ben
helped them zero in on the types of problems that were giving them trouble
and gave them great guidance for solving those problems and handling the
test in general. They each ended up having to take the ACT only once. We
found Ben to be a consummate professional and a huge help. I highly
recommend him and his company.

Robin P.  Mamaroneck, NY

Before tutoring began, I would have thought it nearly impossible to score perfectly on the math section. Three months before taking the SAT, math was my weakness and I was consistently scoring mid 600’s. I definitely couldn’t have raised my score by over 150 points without Ben’s patience, motivational speeches, and clever SAT shortcuts. Not only was I able to become a more adept test-taker through Zoffness College Prep, and reach a perfect score, but I will also always have a life mentor in Ben!

Caroline A.   Mamaroneck, NY

Ben Zoffness was the perfect choice for my daughter’s ACT test prep needs! He was dedicated, focused and able to tap into her own strengths/weaknesses. I will definitely have him work with my son when he begins his prep and will recommend Ben to anyone who is looking for SAT/ACT support.

Mary W.  Larchmont, NY

I highly recommend the Zoffness College Prep course. My son, who is
currently a senior in high school, increased his ACT scores with Ben's
help, and his grades kept improving after every test. Ben is truly a great
help for any student that is looking to succeed with SAT/ACT testing. My
son always came home talking about how great the class was, and how it was
so informative. Ben always used simple, but efficient explanations to solve
problems and make students improve. The course was very well organized, as
it shows a clear progression in material, and the practice tests really
help the students. I highly recommend this program, and I would urge others
to enroll in the program because there is a guarantee that the test grades
will go up with Ben.

Esther L.  Rye Neck, NY

I highly recommend Zoffness College Prep. Ben and his team did a great job
tutoring my son for his ACT test a couple of summers ago. He was easy to
work with and had just the right approach in order to get the best
performance possible from a student who did not like to study!

Shannon P.  Proud MHS Parent

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